card – Get Bonus – Credit Card Activation card – Plenti is an American card issued by the American Express company. The program of the plenty card was started in 2015 and it ended in 2018. By using the Plenti card you can gain points at one retailer shop and you can use it at the other retailer shop.

It allowed people to earn many reward points. The card can be used at any purchases done by the cardholder.  To use the Plenti card the customer may or may not be the user of the American Express bank.

If you know the best way to cash in the Plenti card then you can receive as much of big rewards. By saving just $10 you can reach 1000 points. Anyone can join the Plenti card as it is free to join. Your points can be redeemed at any of the shops in the United States. card card – Get Bonus

It is a loyalty program offered by the American Express. Once you sign in to your account you get your card through mail. By using the card for shopping you can earn plenty of points. AT & T, Rite Aid, Exxon or Mobil, Hulu, Macy’s are the partners of the Plenti card. By spending one dollar you can earn up to 30 points. You need not to be the member of American Express company to apply for the Plenti card.


To get and activate your Plenti card follow the below steps carefully,


  • As Plenti card gives free access to all the customers anyone can get access to your card by simply registering in it
  • You can register and get your Plenti card by online
  • Once you register you will get your Plenti card in your registered mail within seven business days
  • after receiving your card you must activate it as the activation process is simple you can do it easily
  • First you must visit the official website at card
  • Now in your plenty card there will be a 16 digit card number which you need to enter it
  • Now you should enter your 4 digit card number and click continue
  • After filling your identification details you can give complete
  • After your completion of your activation process you will be notified in a short time


  • The ATM shows many options for the activation of your Plenti card you must select CARD ACTIVATION
  • Now you must enter your 16 digit card number and PIN number at the ATM
  • Now you must Enter your verification details and card details correctly
  • After some process your card will be activated while you get a notification


  • To activate your card over phone you must call the number 18557536841
  • You need to give some personal details and your card details to activate your card
  • After your activation you will receive a notification in a short time card


  • To own a plenty card you must have a credit point of at least 200
  • To join the Plenti card you need not pay any fee
  • The ads displayed on the web page are only for promotion
  • You must be a resident of United States
  • To use the card you must be at least 13 years old
  • If you are between 13 and 18 years you must require a permission letter from your parent or your guardian to register for the card
  • Before registering you must complete your enrollment
  • The company will track your points anytime
  • All the information provided by you must be true and accurate
  • Unless you enroll you cannot redeem your points


  • Inthe First three months you can earn up to 5000 points on spending $250
  • There is no fee for registration and activation
  • On spending $6000 in the supermarkets you can earn 2x
  • By using the Plenti card at the restaurants you can get up to two times the origonal points you get by using other cards
  • For the other purchases you will be awarded with the same points as other credit card gives
  • The card has a decent rewards
  • You will also get a sign up bonus card


It is an American company it is an American company and it is governed by the American Express. The Plenti was founded in the year 2015 on May 4. The card has been used only in the United States. by its fate the company was discontinued in July 10, 2018. It’s parental company American Express is a multinational financing company.

The headquarters of the company is in New York, United States. The Amex was founded in the year 1850. the company provides around 30 products of Dow Jones. The chief executive of the company is Stephen Squeri.  William Fargo, Henry wells and John Butterfield are they founding fathers of the Amex. American Express company is known for its personal business and it’s credit cards. the company also gives better experience to its customers in travelling services.

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FAQ’S Of card:

  • What is American Express known for ?

The American Express company is better known for providing safe and secure banking experience for its customers. The company is successful in its credit card business.

  • What is the credit score to get Plenti card ?

To get a Plenti card you need a credit score greater than 200 points. Though the company need not need any credit points for qualification this is a basic or minimum credit score

  • Can I still use my Plenti card ?

No you cannot use your Plenti card. But you can be a member of the Plenti card

  • Is Plenti still active ?

No the card has been put an end by the American Express company in July 10, 2018.

  • How to earn Plenti points ?

By spending one dollar by using your Plenti card you can earn up to 30 points . You can also get many points and rewards by using the card very frequently at restaurants and supermarket, etc.

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