– Get Reward – Credit Card Activation – Get my card at the capital one is the best for credit rebuilding. It is one of the best pre approved mail offer credit card. The Capital one is the best in their business.

The mail offer is sent you by the trusted banks in the United States. Here you can choose yours from a variety of cards. You can be able to choose your card by using your 16 digit reservation number and the 6 digit access code. You can be able to get your response within a second. – Get Reward

It is a legit platform. Here you can see your credit card score increasing in a while. At times you are requested to pay a minimal fees but when comparing to the offers the fee may be quite smaller.  This credit card helps in increasing your FICO  score. Ask your credit card score increases the card may be very beneficiary to you. Using the card at purchases is quite simple and easy. the customers can able to apply for the card even if they have a low credit score.


 Follow the below steps for your registration and activation of your Capital One get my offer card.

  • Before the activation of your card you must register and get your card
  • You can register for the Capital One get my offer platinum card at the website of the Capital One
  • You may also check your credit score and the pre qualification
  • After the registration of your card you will receive your card within seven days
  • You can activate your card by using Capital One mobile app or you can activate it by calling to the service station
  • First sign into your account and choose your account that that is linked to your card
  • Now click the option activate my card
  • You will be requested to enter your pin number for the successful activation of your credit one card
  • After your successful activation your card is now able to use
  • You can also activate it by calling to the customer service number 1 800 2274825
  • You may be asked to enter your security number to complete your activation process.


  • to become a primary cardholder your age must be at least 18.
  • there is no annual fee for the transaction and purchases by using your Capital One card.
  • you cannot request the Capital One company to increase your credit limit.
  • you must pay your dues in the flexible due dates.
  • on the account of losing your card you must inform to the company as immediately. You can inform it buy a call or mail.
  • On informing the company you are free from the fraud liability.
  • Before registering for the card you must check whether you are self approved.
  • On the registration process you must give your personal information which includes Your legal first name, Your initial, Your legal last name, your date of birth, last three digits of your Social Security number and your citizenship to know whether you are a citizen of United States or other countries.
  • Next in the contact information page you must give your residential address, zip code, you are city, and you must select your state, your email address and at last your primary phone number.
  • In the financial information page you must give your employment status, total annual income, you are monthly rent or mortgage and the total number of bank accounts you have.
  • You have a due date of 25 days to pay your due amount.
  • If late payment is done then you must pay your penalty fees of up to $40.


There is also amobile app which is very convenient for the Capital One users. By using the mobile app you can track your  cards purchases under safe banking. To own a Capital One card your credit score may be in the level of 350 to 850 points. You are also have the signing bonus.

The capital one’s minimum annual percentage rate is 17.24% and the maximum annual percentage rate is 24.49% only. The card is very useful for the travel loving persons as the card gives many rewards for the travel in miles. There is no fee for transaction from foreign country which means there is no fees to be paid when the Capital One card is purchased outside the United states.

You are awards can be redeemed at the hotels or when you’re booking your tickets for the flights. while you are offering with Uber eats you are rewarded with the 5X miles every time. The Capital One get my offer card has the cash back of up to 1.5%. it also has the cash bonus reward of $200. You can redeem your gift cards under cash back offers at any point. They get my offer Capital One card is one among the court where there is no expiration date for your gift cards and your  gift.


Capital One financial corporation is an American company. The predominant goal of the company is to change banking for humanity and simplicity. The Capital One financial corporation what started in 1988. The company was founded by Richard Fairbanks and Morris Nigel.

The headquarters of the company is situated in McLean, Virginia. the company offers a variety of financial products and services. The company has around 200 ATM’s in the United states. It has ranked as the 8th largest bank in the United States.

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  • Is get my offer Capital One legit ?

Yes Capital One get my offer is a legit. For those who are looking to improve their credit score Capital One is the best offer for them.

  • How do I get my Capital One platinum card?

To get your Capital One platinum card your credit score must be higher than 570. your credit score in the range of 580 to 670 is considered as a good score to get the platinum card.

  • How can I check my Capital One card offers ?

By using your Capital One mobile banking app you can see your office by just clicking at the “See your card offers”.

  • What is the highest credit limit for a platinum Capital One card ?

The highest credit limit for a platinum one capital card is $300.

  • Does pre-approval hurt your credit ?

By checking at the pre-approval you can no whether you are eligible to get the card. It does not affect your credit score.

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