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www.Mercurycards.com/activate – The Mercury Card is registered as a Master Card. The card is mainly designed for the middle class customers. The card is available at a decent price. The card is accepted and used in more than forty million places all over the world.

By using the card you can also check your FICO score. FICO is a trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States. The card is used all over the world. The Mercury Card is issued by First Bank. It is an international incorporated company. The card can be used in both reloadable and non – reloadable options.


www.Mercurycards.com/activate – Get Reward

The company offers a wide range of prepaid products. As it is a prepaid card the card holder can  use the card for all the purchases to fulfill their daily needs. The Mercury company issues both the debit and credit cards. It also offers the contactless payments. By just tapping your Mercury Card over the secure reader you can be able to pay your money in a safe and secure way.

You can also combine your Mercury Card with your wallet. By linking with your wallet you can just make payments by using your mobile phone where there is no need for the card. Another part of Mercury is its e – commerce sector which is growing in a very fast manner across the world. The customers are enjoying various advantages by using the Mercury Card.


Follow the below steps for the activation of your Mercury Card,

  • Before the activation of your Mercury card you must register and get the card.
  • If you don’t have a Mercury card then you need to register by visiting the link www.Mercurycards.com/activate.
  • Next provide your details such as your Social Security number, reservation code, etc in the space given in the website.
  • Then submit your registration form.
  • After successful registration you will get your Mercury card.
  • Once you get your card you must activate it.
  • For activation you must need to visit the website once again.
  • In the menu bar tap the Activate my  Mercury card option.
  • now enter the details such as your card number, last four digits of your Social Security number, your birthday month on your birthday date to proceed further.
  • By clicking the submit option your activation process is completed.
  • Now your card is ready to use.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS Of www.Mercurycards.com/activate:

  • Your credit score must be in the range of 575 to 675
  • If you are dealing with any problems then you must immediately contact the number 866 6862 158
  • on relation to your prime rate your annual percentage rate may vary
  • the minimum annual percentage rate is 25.90 percentage
  • the maximum annual rate percentage may be in the range of 27.90 percentage
  • for cash advance annual percentage vary from the minimum of 27.90% to the maximum of 29.90%
  • For the transfer of your balance you need to pay the amount of the 4% of the total amount that is transferred
  • If the payment is not done on the time then you must pay the penalty of $38.00
  • on account of foreign transactions you must pay 3% of the transferred money
  • To use the card you must agree to the common terms and conditions included in the agreement
  • In case you lost your card you must inform us as earlier as possible to avoid loses
  • Once you activate your card the company will take it as you are accepting all the terms and services
  • If you have any queries or confusions you must directly call to the customer service number or you can mail to the company
  • You cannot cancel your payment after it has been done


You get the following benefits by using the mercury card. The mercury card holders enjoy various benefits which include,

  • You can enjoy the liability to fraud off 0%
  • No extra fees to be paid per annum for the maintaining of your account
  • By calling the toll free number 866 686 2158 you can get the solution to the problem anytime
  • The card is considered as the great option for the new credit card users
  • The Mercury credit card is a great deal for the individuals who need to rebuild their credit
  • To pay your bills you can just visit the website and then Give your details such as your birthday month, your birthday year, credit card number and the Social Security number and click continue to the amount transaction from your account
  • By using contactless payments by tapping your Mercury card over the secure reader you can able to pay your money in a safe and secure manner
  • You can get up to cash back of 2 percent on every purchases that are done by using the mercury Master Card
  • There are many rewards that may vary from card to card.



Mercury cards Are issued by first bank and Trust Company. The actual producer of the mercury credit card company is Barclays. The company offers various perks and rewards to its customers. the first bank and trust is a banking company. it was founded in the year 1991.

it’s the headquarters of the first bank and trust is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. The bank offers commercial loans, consumer loans, business and personal checking account, savings account, etc. The predominant theme of the company is to provide the change and strength to its customers. The bank has done it successfully for many years.

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FAQ’S of www.Mercurycards.com/activate:

  • Who is the founder of the first bank and trust ?

Robert yohanan, Howard Kain and James LytleFounded the company first bank and trust

  • What is mercury credit card ?

The mercury credit card is a credit card that is used to buy the middle class peoples. The card is used for the daily purchases. it offers various benefits and credits to its customers.

  • Is the mercury credit card good ?

They make your credit card has no annual fees .  It is considered  as one of the  excellent card for all the peoples whose credit  are in the average level

  • What is the good credit to own a mercury credit card ?

To pursue a mercury credit card your credit score must be in the range of 575 to 675

  • Is mercury online bank safe ?

As the bankers insured by the FDIC bank it is considered as the safest bank. you can open your account in the mercury bank with some initial deposits.

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