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 www.MyPremierCreditCard.com – First premiere is a credit card registered as a Master Card. To get a  first premiere bank card you don’t need a great credit card. If you have a average credit card then you can get the first premiere bank card easily.

You can add to your credit card limit by adding funds to your security deposit. For the positive mark on your credit card make your payments before or on the given time. The company has a very caring customer care.

When you make your payments by using the first premiere credit card for foods and gases you will get credits. For the first six months the payment may be minimal which must be paid on time. The first premiere bank card also has the secured credit card which you can get by applying in online.


 www.MyPremierCreditCard.com – Get Bonus

There is also a first premiere bank master card registered credit card which you can get it by having a fair credit score.To apply for the first premiere bank card you are not required to apply your credit history. Your security can be refundable.

To get a higher credit you can make use of the first premiere bank card. The card requires a processing fee of up to $95. If you didn’t pay your processing fee your application will be rejected. The card has a wide range of benefits. Though there are many benefits there is also some drawbacks. The card has a 16 digit card number.


To get your first premiere bank card you must follow the below steps

  • To get your first premiere bank card you need to register and submit your application.
  • You must wait for your card’s approval.
  • Once you get your card’s approval your card will be mailed to your registered email address.
  • After getting your card through mail visit the website www.MyPremierCreditCard.com.
  • After entering the website enter information’s of your card number, Social Security number, etc and then continue
  • In the process of activation you must enter your 16 digit card number very correctly
  • After your activation process you will get a notification
  • By calling the toll free number 1 800 987 5521 you can activate your my premier credit card
  • You can request your pin of the card very fast
  • For your login you must enter your login ID and your password


TERMS AND CONDITIONS Of www.MyPremierCreditCard.com:

  • Before applying for the card you must access to the sites terms and  conditions۔
  • The customers are not awarded with any warranty for any kind of rewards or gifts۔
  • The company will not be liable for any damages which may be direct or indirect۔
  • If you lost your premier card you must notify to the companies services to avoid further loss of your money from your account۔
  • The company takes no responsibility for the access to the third party sites۔
  • If you transfer any money to the third party websites or sites you are wholly responsible for that the company will not associate in that۔
  • Try to maintain your password of your premier bank account with you in case of any error, defect or delay in operation you must contact the first premium service۔
  • Before writing up to the company with regards to your issues you must have to go through the terms and conditions of the bank completely۔
  • You are responsible to maintain your privacy of your card۔
  • The company may share your details for joint marketing with other financial companies۔
  • the company does not share your affiliates۔



  • By paying all your bills at the correct time you can increase your credit limit۔
  • With reference to your requests under eligibility the company may increase your credit limit once in 13 months.
  • The first premier bank customer services are very friendly under ready to help you anytime very quickly.
  • The company has 92 percentage satisfaction rating with a 4.5 star rating out of 5.
  • You can manage your credit card with the help of your mobile app on the go.
  • By downloading it from Google Play store or from App Store you can review your transactions and payments easily.
  • The company provides free fico credit score.
  • You have the access to your online account 24 / 7.
  • You also earn cashbacks when you use the card at restaurants and gas stations.


The first premier bank was founded in the year 1986. It is an American banking company. It is a type of private company.  It serves as the 13th largest issuer of Master card in the United states. the first premier bank is specialized in offering cards for the peoples with low credit score.

Thomas Denny Sanford is the founder of the first premier bank. The headquarters of the company is situated in Sioux falls,  South Dakota. Miles Beacom Is the chief executive head of the company. The net income of the first premier is more than 25 million in 2016. The company has around 2300 employees servicing towards it bank. First premier bank is originated from the parent company united national corporation.

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FAQ’S Of  www.MyPremierCreditCard.com:

  • Who owns the first premier bank ?

Denny Sanford has been the founder of the company since 1986 and has been successfully running the company over many years.

  • Is first premier bank issues a real credit card ?

The first premier bank card is a very good example for a MasterCard. The bank also increases your credit once in a while.

  • Does first premier have an annual fee ?

The company access its annual fee through the monthly fee. The annual fee may range up to $75 to $125 for the fresher’s and up to $49 for the regular users

  • Does first premiere increase their customers credit limits ?

Based upon the eligibility of the customers the company increased their credit limit within 13 months if the account was in good status.

  • Can the card holders have two first premier credit cards ?

Yes , the card holders can have up to two premier credit cards but the annual fee must be paid for the two  cards also.

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